Investment Process

Why Asset Management is Important

You and your family work hard to accumulate assets over a lifetime. The plan is that when the time comes for you to leverage those assets, they’ll be there for you. However, not everyone has the time to monitor and manage those assets.

What We Can Do for You

Our Asset Management service covers:

  • Determining your objectives: Everyone has different financial objectives as they embark upon accumulating wealth. Managing your assets prudently starts with understanding what your goals are for accumulating and using those assets.
  • Successful investing is all about successful planning: We’ll help create both long-term (strategic) and short-term (tactical) asset allocation and management plans in line with your financial goals.
  • Building your portfolio: Depending upon your goals, your portfolio could consist of individual stocks, individual bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds (EFTs) and alternative investments.
  • Managing and monitoring the portfolio: Once your investment portfolio is implemented, it is monitored on a regular basis and adjusted as the economy and the markets change.
  • Measuring performance: We track the performance of your assets under our care, and constantly measure how they are performing against industry recognized benchmarks.
  • Managing risk: Our Asset Management strategy includes appropriate risk mitigation as part of our process.
  • Reviewing and Reporting: Your account is available to be viewed online at any time. Ongoing reviews of your portfolio and financial plan will be on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis depending upon your portfolio.